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Epic Appetizers

Sauteed Oysters (1 dozen) - The original sauteed in butter and spices. Everything else is just a copy.


French Baked Oysters ( dozen) - A blend of white cheese, wine, and house seasoning, topped with onions.


Cheese Baked Oysters ( dozen) - A hint of butter, our own blend of spices, and white cheese.


Southern Style Oysters ( dozen) - Plump oysters baked with fresh mushrooms, onions, bacon, and white cheese complimented by a clever combination of southern spice.


Oysters J. Michael ( dozen) - Succulent oysters, baked to perfection, smothered in cheese and topped with fresh spinach, onions, mushrooms, and J. Michael's own select spices.


Boiled Shrimp ( pound) - Fresh bay shrimp, boiled and seasoned in our own house blend spice (shell on).


Toss Garden Salad - With lots of toppings


Greek Salad - Rachel's own dressing with feta cheese and Greek olives. This is the real deal.


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